Zynd® - Talent Building for a Better Future!

ZyndClub™ provides young talent with a one-stop shop access to employer company information, with the training and tools to develop their talent whilst looking for a suitable job opportunity. Every candidate has a comprehensive digital member profile that is used in employer talent searching, job applications and candidate matching. Unique to ZyndClub™ is the silver bullet of the candidate experience - "Feedback!" Through a personalised candidate dashboard members are able to track and receive updates on their job applications. It supports candidates with workplace readiness assessments, career planning and development, and well chosen coaching support

ZyndSelect™ addresses the most common hiring challenges of modern HR teams in a single-platform solution. It helps HR teams improve talent attraction with more effective employer branding, enables teams to access a more diverse talent pool, coaches young talent to ensure workplace-readiness and facilitates seamless team integration of new hires.


Connect with yourself, fellow Zyndites and potential employers.


Learn about yourself and the skills you need to find the best job.


Discover the hidden you and your amazing future potential.


Achieve your personal goals and objectives for the career you want.